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1 A man dies without any assets and has unpaid debt. Can someone stand guarantee to the creditors for his debts? 739
2 Can a guarantee be given for Kitabah [contract whereby a slave pays a specified amount for his freedom]? 839
3 Two men stood guarantee for a third man having a debt of 1000. Both would also be guarantors for each other. One of them paid part of the amount or the entire amount. Can he ask for reimbursement from his Partner? 680
4 Two men sought credit and stood guarantee for each other. They paid his debt. Can he seek imbursement from the second debtor? 795
5 Must the Makful lahu accept the guarantee for it to be valid? 874
6 A man hires a mount to load goods. Another man guarantees him transport of the load. Is the guarantee valid? 820
7 Can the guarantor guarantee for the buyer and the seller? 859
8 Can the guarantee be given with a condition? 796
9 What is the ruling if the creditor 'absolves the guarantor? 853
10 The creditor absolves the debtor; or the debtor settles the debt. Are there any responsibilities of the guarantee left on the guarantor? 739
11 A man gave guarantee for 'Amr. The creditor than pursues the guarantor, What can he do? 571
12 When can the guarantor claim the money from the Makful'anhu? 606
13 Can a guarantee be given without the assent of the Makful'anhu? 640
14 If the Makful'anhu admits to an amount greater than that which the guarantor said, will he be believed? 672
15 If there is no evidence? 647
16 The guarantor said, "I guarantee whatever he owes you." The guarantor and Makful'anhu then disagree on the amount. What will be decided between them? 692
17 Can conditions be set for the guarantee? 681
18 When the guarantee is given, can the Makful lahu claim from the Makful 'anhu [the one for whose debt the guarantee is given]? 765
19 What are the words of enacting the guarantee? 565
20 What is Guarantee of Wealth? 575
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