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1 Is the partnership ever nullified without the partners cancelling it? 828
2 If he gave permission and then both paid the Zakah of one of them, is the partner liable? 798
3 Can one partner pay the Zakah of the other? 814
4 Two men concluded a Fasid partnership. How is the earnings shared? 894
5 If one of them uses both to fetch the water, how will the earnings be shared? 920
6 A man owns a mule and another owns a water-bag. They made a partnership to fetch water and sell it to the people on condition that both will share in the profits. Is this partnership valid? 682
7 What is the ruling on partnerships in wood-gathering, grass-gathering and hunting? 836
8 Can they share the profits in different proportions to the goods? 901
9 What is Shirkatul Wujuh? 1012
10 If only one did a job, is he entitled to the entire fee? 882
11 What obligates each of them? 739
12 What is a form of a Sana'i [craftsmen] partnership? 705
13 What options do the partners in a Mufawadah and 'Inan agreement have? 812
14 An 'Inan partnership was concluded. One of the partners stipulated for himself a specified amount of Dirhams. What is the ruling? 677
15 Two men wish to engage in an 'Inan partnership without mixing their wealth. Is the partnership valid? 777
16 If one of them bought something and the capital of the other perishes before the purchase, what is the ruling between them? 644
17 If both of their capital or the capital of one of them perishes before they jointly buy anything, then what happens to the partnership? 628
18 Can it be established with one contributing Dirhams and the other Dinars? 640
19 With what is this partnership established? 675
20 Can this partnership be established where each one gives only part of his wealth, not all? 724
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